A collectors’ job is not an easy one.  They are constantly dealing with various negative situations such as inability to pay, disputes and sometimes outright hostility.

In such an environment, it difficult to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude of your collection staff, consequently, credit and collection professionals are always looking for ways that they can improve the morale and performance of their collection staff.

Improving performance starts with the selection process, making sure that articulate and performance-oriented people comprise the staff.

Having in place articulate and performance-oriented people creates other issues as these are people that need their managers to recognize their performance and motivate them to achieve improved performance.  Recognition is the key to any successful motivation/incentive program and it is often an element that is overlooked as we get bogged down in the minutiae of motivation/incentive programs.

We’d also like to recommend to you the joint Credit Research Foundation (CRF) and Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA) on-line collection training course, entitled Principles & Methods of Collection.

This program provides excellent training for new and intermediate collectors and also serves as an excellent refresher course for advanced collectors, those with two or more year’s experience.  Given the budgetary environment most credit and collection professionals find themselves in today, this program provides a cost-effective way for training your collection staff to improve their performance.

This course is also an excellent recognition vehicle as it provides those who successfully complete the course with a certification, Certified Collection Professional that is bestowed by the CRF and CCAA.  To find out more information on this program and to register for it, click on the following link:



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