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The CCAA represents the most prestigious commercial collection agencies in the United States. CCAA members are the only group of agencies CERTIFIED by the Commercial Law League of America. The Association is focused on service and protection for the commercial credit community, and works to elevate the standards of the industry by providing educational, legislative, promotional and administrative services for its members.     

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What to expect from Warren on Senate bank panel
 She is also expecting to be an investor advocate and focus on the Securities and Exchange Commission, analysts said. Read more...
What Portfolio Withdrawal Rate Can You Live With?
 Determining the appropriate withdrawal rate from a portfolio to cover a retiree's living expenses (the amount needed in addition to what he or she receives in pension, Social Security, or other benefit payments) is a challenging but important exercise. Read more...
Why aren't big banks issuing more long-term debt?
  Replacing long-term debt with deposits, of course, enables the banks to improve their net interest margins as the cost of government-backed deposits is next to nothing, while the interest that must be paid on, say, a 10-year bond issue is over 3%. Read more...

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CBF COMMERCIAL COLLECTIONS – Kansas City, MO-The Certificate of Compliance for CBF Commercial Collections, Inc. is no longer in existence. Creditors wishing more information on the status of CBF should contact CCAA's Executive Director and Compliance Officer, Annette M. Waggoner at 847-907-4670 or by email:


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